Kadammanitta, the small embellished with natural beauty situated at the eastern corner of Naraganam panchayath belonging to Pathanamthitta district. The spiritual centers of both Hindus and Christian communities are mingled here. Almost all development such as Higher secondary School , primary health center, post office, the roads are due the combined effort of two veteran leaders “Kavumkottu Govinda Kurup ” and “Kariparambil Ghevarghese Kathanar”.

Kadammanitta Bhagavathi Temple is the spiritual center of the Hindu community in the village. The rural ritualistic , traditional art form Padayani, the colloquial form being Padayani, is the special festival celebrate in the temple premises during 1st Medom to 10th Medom – Probably April 14th to 23rd every year . Padayani is the art from of the people , by the people and for people . It is the people of the village who preserve Padayani for the coming generation. It is the folk dance by the villagers accomplished by the traditional music followed by a kind of drumming played on the special drum know as Thappu. Wearing natural costume consisting of the mask and head gear made up of arracnut palam sheaths.
Along with a variety of teachers who are generally know as “Gurus” or “Asan” who taught Padayani , the following names “Munjinattu Asan” , “Meletharayil Asan” , ”Vellavoor Pappu Asan” , “Attupurathu Ittirachar” , “Kavumcottu Raman Kurup Asan” . “Kadammanitta Raman Nair Asan” are worth noted.

It is the famous Malayalam poet Sri Kadammanitta RamaKrishnan elder son of late Kadammanitta Raman Nair Asan, who brought the innermost intricacies of padayani to the outer world through his poetical images.
It is Prof.Kadammanitta Vasudevan Pillai, the first discipline late Kadammanitta Raman Nair Asan . The veteran and performer of padayani who brought this art form to the outer field from temple premises and made so popular among this society.

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    kadammanitta kavilamme saranam……………

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      Happy Vishu and Padayani ashamsakal….

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        Happy to knw abt the history.
        Thanks admin.

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    padayani aashamsakal

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    kolangal Uranjadatte. . .

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